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15 Best Small Business Opportunities in Texas for 2019

22 May, 2019

Do you want to start a new business in Texas with low risk, and high profit? Congratulations! At least you have chosen the right place for your business. But now the most important question arises which business idea you should incorporate for your business.

As a matter of fact, in order to stay ahead from the competition, one must have a unique idea. And if you are thinking to start a business in Texas, (the second largest state in the United States), then eventually you need to have brilliant ideas.

Starting business in Texas

Do you want to have good ideas for your business? If so, then you are reading the right article. But, before providing you with the small business opportunities in Texas, every business owner should know about Texas so that they can get the maximum advantages of incorporating here.

 Why start a Business in Texas?

Several people state that Texas is a great state to start and run a business. In fact, its culture, weather and lifestyle choices are paving the way for the business owners and employees to work hard, earn a living and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Other than this, its excellent geographic location, highly skilled workforce, low tax burden, predictable regulatory environment and legacy of having a business-friendly climate are some attractions for the business owners.

Moreover, Texas is also known as the Lone Star State, all because of its natural geographic advantage over other states, with a first-rate transportation network and an economy that is continuously developing.

And if you are considering of setting up a small business in Texas, then you must be pleased to know that the in Texas you don't need to worry about meeting regulations and low quantity of requirements overall for your business entity. The complexity of acquiring various business licenses and all of the legal hurdles are very simple.

15 Best Small Business Ideas in Texas

Are you ready to set up your business in Texas? If so, then here are some small business opportunities in Texas that you need to know before embarking into the competition.

#1 Hardware Store

The first and foremost small business idea in Texas for business owners is setting up a hardware store. For this business, you don't need to have any skills, and more importantly, you can launch this business with a reasonable amount of money. That's why several people are opting this business idea and scaling their company as per their objectives and requirements.

In fact, many people have set up a hardware store in the earliest period of their business and after that in order to make it more appealing, then they have an online storefront for people to choose items from and offer free delivery.

#2 Laundry Service

As a matter of fact, everyone does laundry, and this kind of service is an excellent small business opportunity to start anywhere including Texas. First of all, this business demands very little startup capital and expertise.

Secondly, you don't need to hire a professional for this. All you need to do is to get a good location and gather all the required equipment. Just promote your business name all over your Houston, and you will quickly get clients in order to start the business and generate revenue too.

#3 Appliance Repair Business

Another small business opportunity in Texas is to start an appliance repair business. The majority of the establishments in the industries are individuals who are running the company on their own because of less barrier and regulations. So, if you know this sector of the business, you can easily start it where you can repair appliances for people and grow your business.

#4 Savings Consultant Service
Do you have any interest in advising on financial problems? If so, then you can set up the savings consultant services business in Texas. Being an economically viable state, Texas offers a plethora of opportunities in saving consultancy services. And if you are interested in this service, then you don't have to worry about this.

For this business, you can help the clients in order to accomplish financial objectives and goals by developing and presenting financial strategies and plans; monitoring changes in financial status and life circumstances; assessing financial situations.

#5 Fundraising Service

Another service-based business that you can set up in Texas is fundraising service. As a matter of fact, money is the bloodline of any business. From setting up to arranging all the resources, you need to have enough capital.

When you launch a fundraising service in the market, then you can easily help individuals and business persons to raise funds for their cause. Moreover, as a professional fundraiser, you can work with nonprofit organizations, schools, charities, groups, and political groups to help each organization raise the money it needs.

#6 Sales and Sales Management Training

Marketing is one of the main components of any business. If you are good at marketing, then this business idea should be on your radar. In this business, you can provide a sales management training program to salespeople and sales managers with proven skills, knowledge, and tools they need to drive bottom line performance.

Being known for its high productivity, and large workplace, Texas is a state where you can set up a business like this without any hassle. In fact, through this business, you are quickly earning money by just training people to be proficient in sales and marketing.

#7 Mobile Food Truck

Do you love cooking? If yes, then you can start a mobile food truck business. Well, it's a kind of business in which you use a truck in order to cook and sell food. It can be ice-cream trucks, prepackaged food, and other junk food.
With the globalization, the demand for this kind of business is increasing day by day.  The profitability of this business is very high, wherever you set up this business near construction sites, or where blue-collar workers abound in Texas, you can easily sell hamburgers, french fries, sandwiches, and another regional fast-food fare.

#8 Social Media Consultant

As a matter of fact, a social media consultant is someone who handles each and every task of social media publicity for an organization. In order to stay updated in the competitive business world, every businessman requires a social media person. If you are pro in doing social media activities, then you can opt for this career.

By just raising brand awareness through social media platforms, you can gain as much as you can. Moreover, this business can be started even from home, and it requires only minimal startup capital.

#9 Coffee Shop

Well, opening a coffee shop in Texas is another small business opportunity that you can opt in order to fulfill your dreams. In Texas, several people love coffee and would always stop over for a freshly brewed coffee once in a while.

But to launch a coffee shop in Texas, you need to get a special retail food establishment license and store permit. In this way, you can also attract more customers towards your business without any legal system problems. In fact, you can also add donuts, pretzels or bagels as coffee accompaniment.

#10 Gift Shop

Undoubtedly, you can see a plethora of gift shops in Houston, but still, there is a room for new players in the trade. Thus, if you have a keen interest in selling gifts or antiques, then you can start this business.

Although the business might be somewhat seasonal, with profits spiking during Valentine, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, and other festive periods, you can earn a significant amount of money to overcome the expenses all year round.

#11 Recycling Business
Recycling business has very high demand in Texas, and other US cities. It helps in maintaining a significant balance in the environment. The recycling facility mainly involves the recycling of materials such as paper, glass, and plastic from waste locations.

Once you are done with the separation of these waste products, then you can go ahead to refine them into useable products. After making it useable, you can sell them to manufacturers as well as wholesalers. In this way, you are not saving the environment at some point, but also earning money by running a small recycling plant in Texas.

#12 Small Scale Construction Company

Do you have an interest in architecture work or construction related work? Then in developing cities like Dallas, you can set up this business without having any second thought. In Dallas and Houston, the construction business yields a lot.

In order to stay ahead of other places, this place is also expanding, and as a result, several constructions and renovations take place on a daily note. If you have any skills, experience, and good capital to start with, the construction sector has a lot for you!

#13 Career Guidance Business

Being a large metropolis in Texas, and a place where youth is continually flourishing, Houston would be the perfect choice for starting a career guidance business. There is no denying the fact that every youth require some sort of support and guidance so that they can start their career. If you are well-versed with all the career sectors, then you can help them in providing the right direction and knowledge.

#14 Accounting and Bookkeeping

Whether you are a business accounting software wizard or a licensed CPA, you can set up a bookkeeping and accounting business in Texas. Unquestionably, very few entrepreneurs are aware of the accounting and other financial sectors of the company. You could help them in keeping their business and personal finances in order.

Being a bookkeeper, you can help them process invoices, payroll, compile expenses reports and much more. On the other hand, if you are a holder of CPA licenses, then you can assist business professionals in generating balance sheets, filing taxes, and other accounting documents. If you have the skills to start an accounting or bookkeeping services, then this is the most lucrative small business opportunities in Texas for you.

#15 Becoming a Financial Adviser

And last but not least, the small business opportunity in Texas is set up a financial advisor business. Several organizations transform their businesses in Texas every year. In order to comply with all the obligations of the government and other official authorities, the companies need someone who would take care of their financial matters in a professional way. If you have some experience in working with economics, finances, and also have a relevant degree, then you can do well in this type of business.

How can IncParadise help you?

So, now you have a profound idea about several small business opportunities in Texas for business owners. But one thing that you need to keep in mind that in order to set up and register a business, every business owner requires a professional firm.

And here IncParadise can help you. We are known to be an ideal destination for company registration services. Just make up your mind and set up your dream project in Texas.

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