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AeroNautica – putting the Malta Aircraft Register on the map by AeroNautica

Contributed by AeroNautica [www.aeronauticaworld.com]

The Aircraft registration and operation sector is an important contributor to the establishment of the aviation cluster and in June 2010, this essential role was officially recognised by the Publication of the Aircraft Registration Act. As a direct result, of this new legislation, there was a flurry of interest in this sphere and a number of companies in the legal and financial sector, have branched out in the aviation sector. AeroNautica is a young and dynamic company, that has managed to put itself at the forefront of the local aviation scene and carve an important niche. We spoke to AeroNautica’s Marketing Manager, Jonathan Dalli, who is keen to illustrate, AeroNautica’s plans and what it has been able to achieve until now. He explains that Malta’s strategic positioning as a geographical, political and cultural crossroad between, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, is one of the main reasons, why Malta can act as the ideal hub for any operator within the aviation industry.

Jonathan Dalli is keen to point out that the island’s economic infrastructure is also very well equipped to host investors. Labour costs and other operating costs are estimated to be between 35 and 40 per cent lower than in Western Europe, and are also competitive when compared to Central and Eastern Europe. Jonathan Dalli explains that the population’s inherent bilingualism is also an added bonus, with both Maltese and English being official languages, and most people usually able to speak fluently in Italian. Many also possess a good grasp of French, German and Spanish.

AeroNautica’s Jonathan Dalli, explained that the body of legislation that govern’s Malta’s aviation industry is relatively straightforward and encompasses amongst others, the Civil Aviation Act and the Civil Aviation Security Act. Jonathan was keen to point out, Malta’s tax regime, which offers many advantages to foreign investors, its corporate tax rate stands at 35%. However through a mechanism of reimbursement this rate has been lowered to 5% upon payments of dividens to the shareholders. The country has an extensive network of double taxation treaties and also offers significant fiscal efficiency to both local as well as foreign companies based on the island. Jonathan Dalli pointed out that through the establishment of the Aircraft Register and the setting up of Malta Transportation Authority, the country is in an extremely good position to attract further investment in this field. AeroNautica has participated with success to the MEBA (Middle East Business Aviation) Expo and since then, has had a steady flow of customers, enquiring about what Malta has to offer to prospective aircraft operators.

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