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Wolters Kluwer Tax Expert To Speak At Tax Reform Conference

By Lowtax Editorial
11 September, 2018

Mark Friedlich, Senior Director of Tax and Accounting, North America, Wolters Kluwer, and a member of the Senate Finance Committee Chief Counsel's Tax Advisory Committee on Tax Reform, will be giving a presentation at the upcoming AICPA & CIMA U.S. Tax Reform Conference. The title of his talk will be 'Understanding BEAT Changes' and he will be discussing how to calculate BEAT charges and interest, and examining whether GAP and Globe will impact the BEAT issue.

Please see below for details of the conference:

17 September 2018
Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel,


U.S. Tax Reform Conference

The official AICPA & CIMA forum dedicated to discussing the implications of the U.S. Tax Reform in a global tax context.

An AICPA and CIMA event in association with KNect365


Hear from the U.S. Treasury, specialist advisers, policy makers and in-house tax experts at the forefront of navigating a rapidly changing international tax landscape.

Leading experts

Authoritative advice

Strategic guidance

Hear from in-house tax leaders of U.S. and Europe-based multinationals, gather strategy from specialist advisers and have your questions answered by Chip Harter, Deputy Assistant Secretary (International Tax Affairs) of the U.S. Department of Treasury.

Our expert speaker faculty will explore how multinationals are navigating the TCJA, examine international implications for Cross-Border Business, recommend approaches to Tax Controversy under U.S. Tax Reform and much more.

Approaches to key areas of the TCJA such as BEAT, GILTI and FDII will be examined in detail and experts together with the U.S. will provide guidance for successfully navigating uncertainties and insight on what future projections can be expected.


Gain insights and in-depth guidance from industry experts. Ensure you are aware of the impact of tax reform on international businesses.

How are multinationals planning for tax reform and upcoming regulatory changes?

Impact of U.S. tax reform on transfer pricing - The industry view

Approaching tax controversy and audits under U.S. tax reform

  • Incentives for IP Incubation (comparing tax rules in Europe vs U.S. incentives)
  • Interest limitation and implications for deductibility under 163J
    • Is there a future in debt pushdowns?
  • Supply chain

  • International tax provisions most affecting transfer pricing
  • Rethinking existing structures
  •  Potential TP controversy arising from U.S. tax reform
  •  Risk mitigation strategies

  • Impact of U.S. tax reform on the audit climate
  • Where do uncertainties lie?
    • Anti-abuse provisions within new rules
  • Preparing for potential disputes with the IRS

Comparison and Differences between Key Cross-Border Rules in TCJA, UK Tax Law and OECD Guidelines

Implications arising from the U.S. Tax Reform for U.S. Non-Domiciled Individuals

International implications for cross-border business

  • Diverted Profits Tax (UK) & Base Erosion Anti-Abuse Tax (U.S.)
  • Controlled Foreign Corporation (UK) & Global Intangible Low-Taxed Income (U.S.)
  • Patent Box (UK) & Foreign Derived Intangible Income (U.S.)
  • Comparison of hybrid rules in Europe/UK and the U.S.
  • Areas of contention with OECD guidelines

  • Changing Investment Structures
    • Implications of the Corporate Tax Rate Drop
    • State Tax implications
    • Managing Reporting
    • Structuring Investments as Non-Corporate Flow-Through Entities
  • Trust and Estate Planning

  • Expected effects of limits on deduction of net operating losses and immediate expensing
  • Ramifications for IP tax planning
  • Amendments to CFC, FPHC and other anti-deferral provisions
  • Mitigating the impact: tax optimization of cross-border structures
  • Potential impact on holding company structures, financing structures and group supply chains

Visit our website: https://aicpa-cima.knect365.com/us-tax-reform/?vip_code=FKW53724LowTax

Book your ticket: https://aicpa-cima.knect365.com/us-tax-reform/purchase/select-package?vip_code=FKW53724LowTax

View full agenda: https://aicpa-cima.knect365.com/us-tax-reform/agenda?vip_code=FKW53724LowTax


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