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Why Switzerland Is The Best Place To Establish A Business

Contributed by Swiss Financial Company & Trust
25 September, 2018

There are a lot of people who are looking for ways to establish their business setup in Switzerland and this is for a large number of reasons. Switzerland is one of the best possible places for a new firm since there are benefits like taxation, healthcare facilities and qualified workforce. The country is stable economically and politically and there are no hassles for people looking to set up their work here. If these factors don't impress you then you must focus on the single most important one: Taxation.

The good thing about running a business in Switzerland is that the taxation system is not uniform and there are various levels at which this is carried out. The taxation levels include ones at the communal, cantonal as well as the federal levels and there are various taxes that are levied at some of these or all the levels. There are both direct as well as indirect taxes which are much lower than those that exist in other countries in the European Union. The companies as well as the companies that exist in this country are taxed according to their assets present all over the world and especially on their international businesses. The good thing is that the taxpayers are given the option to pay direct taxes which can be quite a lucrative option for large groups of people. These taxes are imposed at all the levels and are controlled by the direct federal tax act.

For those who have been contemplating whether to start their business here it would be a good idea to consider managing their work from Lucerne for a number of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that if a company has greater than eighty percent of their total costs generated outside this country then it is considered as a management company which is taxed at rates as low as those that range between 7,6% to 12,4%. There have been a lot of surveys conducted by companies here which have actually demonstrated the fact that the effective tax rate in Lucerne is one of the lowest that exists elsewhere. These surveys consider various factors such as finance type, profits that are taxable as well as the amount invested which is why Lucerne wins hands down when compared to the other options available. So, you must consider seriously starting your company in Switzerland if you are looking for a large number of taxation benefits.

Andrés Taracido, TEP, CIWM


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