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Traditional Bank A/C Alternatives to Run Business

Contributed by Bridges Executive Centre
16 August, 2018

Wanted to start a business but felt puzzled with the bank part? Wondering if there are other options besides opening a bank account in those traditional banks? Any way to shorten your time in waiting for a bank account to be opened? Any means to get a bank account more conveniently? The answers to these questions now are YES! YES! YES!

Two rising stars today you might have heard of are: Neat and Currenxie. Both Neat and Currenxie are emerging solutions offering an alternative to a traditional bank account. The platforms have become more and more popular among our clients, especially those who target to operate their business right away with instant money transactions by having a dedicated Hong Kong bank account number. One huge benefit of these two alternatives is that the account setup process is a piece of cake - simple and quick.

1. Heard of 'Neat' but Why It's a Hit?

You may have heard of getting a Neat current account here and there for receiving payments from customers or online marketplaces like Stripe, PayPal and Amazon, and sending your money to third-party accounts like paying invoices / employees / suppliers. Here are more for you to know how it works:

  • Fast: It just takes 10 - 15 minutes to complete Neat account signup, and you can save your application anytime and finish it later. Your account can be opened in as little time as a week via our express signup link (please find the link at the bottom of this article) for you to start corporate money in and out quick.
  • Simple: You are NOT REQUIRED to be in HK! (This is a huge advantage for overseas entrepreneurs.) Basically if your submitted documents can fulfill the requirements, you can then get the account remotely, not necessarily to visit HK, nor visit Neat.
  • Cost-Effective: While you may have heard many traditional banks need to charge account setup fees / maintenance fees, and demand a substantial amount of deposit, Neat is not charging any setup fees nor maintenance fees, and deposit is not required too. Sounds good huh? That's the reason why some start-up clients will sign up a Neat account upon finishing their incorporation, treating as an instant and backup solution to accompany with their traditional bank account application.
  • MasterCard® Available: Getting a corporate MasterCard® (debit card) will be a big-plus to your business, like using it online and offline, in different currencies, anywhere in the world where MasterCard® is accepted. In fact many of you may know that it could be a little complex for start-ups to get a bank account from traditional banks, not to mention a corporate debit MasterCard.

2. What's 'Currenxie'? How It Works?

Currenxie account is another popular solution that our clients asked about, let's see if we could give you the answers you need here:

  • Fast: Currenxie has a team to review and approve the account application. So pretty much the account process runs 24/7 and you can get your account opened in just 24 hours the fastest.
  • Simple: Similarly like Neat, when applying for an account, all you need to do is to fill-up the online application form, submit the required documents, and sit back in front of your desk to wait for assessment and approval.
  • Operation-Effective: There are different types of accounts for fitting your needs, from local business to world-wide business. Currenxie offers transactions in up to 18 currencies, which is quite beneficial to businesses that require a multi-currency account.
  • Local SMEs Targeted: Currenxie values the local market a lot, especially here in HK. If you own a HK corporation or planning to enter the Asia's market, Currenxie will have an experienced support team available to answer your questions and support your needs, like sending your money to bank accounts in China or worldwide.

After knowing more of the specific features of both Neat & Currenxie accounts, have you figured out which type is the best fit for you and your business? If you have decided to apply for these current account services after a thorough assessment, here please find the free signup links dedicated to Bridges community members that do not require to queue up in their waiting list:-

Neat account signup: please click here.

Currenxie account signup: please click here.

Still not sure? (Well, it is true there are quite a few different types of accounts available for application nowadays.) Simply leave us a private message and talk to our advisors to clarify your queries, or you can shoot us an email at info@bridges.hk to ask more. And just so you know, our professional team will help closely follow up with your potential banking solutions so to make sure the process could be sped up even more than it already is!


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