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The most popular countries in Europe with low taxes

Contributed by Sussex SEO
21 December, 2018

What are you up to this tax year? Will the tax rates for 2018/19 affect you in England? Are there any countries with low taxes in Europe? Yes, there are. And if you don't want the whole Brexit deal to have anything to do with you then it's time to move from your country of origin to greener pastures, financially speaking. Here are the top three countries to go to escape huge taxes.


Andorra had to cave to the pressure of the European Union and implement its first ever income tax in 2015, but it is still a low tax haven. Not only the perfect place for duty-free shopping, Andorra's only tax is an income tax, of which EUR24,000 is exempt, and the top rate of 10% takes effect when you reach EUR40,000. By comparison, taxes in UK are great only if you are not really abiding by the letter of the law and are a super wealthy individual that take residence in the UK but claim that you are running your business from a foreign source thus being eligible to be taxed on a remittance basis.


Bulgaria has the European Union's lowest personal income tax rates at just 10%. You can become a fiscal resident by living in Bulgaria for at least 183 days in a year which isn't that long. In the UK the taxes are up to 45%, so you should pack your bags.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the most beloved tourist destinations in Europe, which might make you think it should be expensive to live there, but you should definitely consider it because you can get a 15% flat tax rate but may also get a tax deduction in lieu of actual expenses. the only way the UK is a better country to live in when talking about taxes is when thinking about gambling. Gambling isn't taxed in the UK meaning that you can get the best betting signup offers and play to your hearts content on online casinos like Jetbull without think about what taxes you will have to pay on what you've won.

The list of great countries from the EU with low taxes goes on and includes other great places that you should at least visit like: Georgia, Gibraltar, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, and Portugal. If you're not ready to move for good, then you can at least sit home comfortably and gamble in peace.


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