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Thai Taste enters the e-commerce revolution

Contributed by Systech Ltd
15 November, 2000

Contributed by Systech Ltd www.systech.net

Thanks to Systech Ltd., Thai Taste can offer a range of Thai food and accessories via a sophisticated web site to a wide range of customers in the UK.

Company background

Thai Taste is a company that brings you everything Thai – genuine Thai food, Thai spices and Thai design, everything you need to live the Thai life. All Thai Taste products are of unique Thai style and manufactured to meet the demands of the European market. Thai food’s uniqueness is reflected in its catalogue and a sophisticated web site that can answer customer questions and generate sales which is essential for the company’s future.

The electronic commerce solution

After a successful mail order campaign, Thai Taste identified the potential of using the Internet as an alternative sales channel to expand their client base. With the use of the Internet, Thai Taste knew that they could satisfy the needs of their global clienteles and saw this as a “natural progression from our existing mail order channels”, explains their Head of Marketing. Together with an e-commerce solution, a professional website based in Gibraltar’s Finance Centre assisted Thai Taste venture into the Internet market.

The company had a clear vision with the type of website they wanted to build. Thai Taste wanted a site that was no different to their successful mail order brochure and built on a platform that would allow flexibility and scalability.

To help it meet these goals, Thai Taste selected the online business development consultancy, Systech Ltd. David Hutchings Managing Director, Systech, describes the key issue facing a sophisticated web site: “A consumer oriented site has to be supported by a bespoke database and complex middleware so that customers can browse products, add items to their shopping cart and place orders online.”

But for all the complexity of the technology and the business goals, the site still had to be simple to use for the customer. This is precisely what Systech Ltd had to offer.

The site also had to accommodate visitors who might make several visits before actually making a purchase. The potential client can make full use of the site right up to the point of making the actual purchase. There are no hidden areas, except for existing clients who become members of the site straight after the first purchase. There is therefore a member’s only section that allows members to view the current status of their order(s), or even view the history of their purchases. Furthermore, personal details such as members password, delivery address and billing address may be modified within the member’s section.

Business benefits

Given all these demands, the correct selection of technology was essential. Systech developed its own e-commerce solution - EcomPlus. David Hutchings explains: “Given Systech’s commitment to internet technology and the development tools we’ve developed, we found that we could leverage core web-application technologies with full online payment support and many other features.”

The urgent deadlines facing the project were also a deciding factor. “Systech’s development tools made it more cost-effective to develop this application in the time that we had. Additionally the pre-built components of the EcomPlus solution allowed us to minimise bespoke development, reducing costs and time to market.”

Systech built the solution based on Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Microsoft SQL Server and their EcomPlus software. This technology underpinned the bespoke software, which was used to present an online catalogue of Thai Taste’s existing products, process data entered by customers and then handle the orders and communicate with the fulfilment centre.

Roll out of the site was staged and the site finally went live at the beginning of October. By the end of the first three weeks of trading the site had handled many orders, with payments handled by WorldPay. As WorldPay is not the only option as a Payment Gateway, EcomPlus is designed to handle various direct and indirect methods.

Thai Taste is optimistic that business will continue to grow. Gibraltar’s Finance Centre is very strong and friendly towards e-commerce. This makes it a highly efficient way of targeting potentially millions of customers, without the overheads of other sales channels or setting up in other countries.



This case study is for informational purposes only. SYSTECH MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.


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