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Tax ID (Steuer-ID) in Berlin - Living in Germany

Contributed by Welcome Center Malta
04 June, 2020

If you are planning on living in and working in Berlin, you will have to register for a Tax ID. This is an eleven digit number and you receive it when you first register in Germany. The Tax ID does not change throughout your stay and nowadays, you do not even need to fill out a form to receive it, as this is done automatically during your registration process. Expats tend to receive their Tax ID, 2 weeks after registering. Alternatively, you can also go to your local (tax) Finanzmt Office where they will tell you in personal your ID and additionally send it to you by post.

When do you need a Tax ID?

You need your Tax ID in Berlin for multiple acitvities, including:

Paying German Income Tax

In order to pay your income tax, you need to have a Tax ID. Additionally, this is used by the tax office to pay back any tax refunds that you may be entitled to. In some cases, you may have a tax number, which was previously used in Germany. This is no longer being used and is being phased out.

Getting a Job

In order to get a job in Berlin, you need to provide your Tax ID to your employer, for the company that is employing you, to contribute your taxes.

Opening a bank account There are many reasons why you need to open bank account in Berlin, you will have to provide your Tax ID, together with your registration document, ID card, passport and an income statement.

You also need a Tax ID if:

You are a pensioner - In order to claim any benefits, pensioners need to provide their Tax ID.

You are a student - This is always required for students to recieve any financial aid and grants. Additionally, the education union requires your tax ID to keep informed about any previous contributions made and even in some cases, insurance.


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