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Start-Up Dilemma: Things to Consider When Looking for the Perfect Office Space for Your Business to Grow

Contributed by Affordable Blinds
13 September, 2018

Moving into an office is a huge step when you run a start-up or a small business, and finding the right premises at the right price and in the right location is a daunting task. Get it right, and your office premises will help you leave a lasting impression on your clients, retain good employees, and increase productivity. But get it wrong, and you possibly will be left tied into a costly lease with premises that may not suit your requirements in the future.

Ultimately, finding a new office space can be tedious and time-consuming. For this reason, we have compiled a list of seven steps/considerations that you need to make when making the big decision; we appreciate that your decision will affect how the business will progress in the future so pay attention to these key points.

Know Your Requirements

Before you go on the hunt for your business premise, you should make a list of all your requirements, so you are clear on the priorities that your office space should provide.

Some essential requirements you may consider, consist of:

  • Appearance and structure, both from the outside and the inside
  • Any special structural needs, for instance, wooden floors, high ceilings
  • Comfort and Amenities for visitors and employees – for example, kitchen, toilets, and lighting facilities
  • What meeting amenities will you need
  • The number of individuals you need to house
  • Whether the business premises is fitting for both your short-term and long-term needs
  • What are your growth plans?
  • layout and size of the business premises
  • Permission; including planning permission, to use the premises for your kind of business
  • How do you fill the space – open plan or separate offices
  • Parking space and access
  • Whether you need the flexibility to enlarge or change the business premises

If your needs are too specific, you might find that your choice of premises is limited or you cannot afford them. It's worth thinking about which requirements are important and which are just desirable and prioritizing them accordingly.

Lighting and Aesthetics

Never underrate the significance of good lighting. If your employees have the right amount of light, they will be more productive and happy. It has been scientifically proven that when light enters the eye, it controls the sleep-inducing chemical melatonin and makes the body produce more serotonin. Serotonin gives the body energy and is known to be a key part of a good mood. On the flip side, focusing on the task at hand is problematic with glare in an employee’s eyes or on their computer monitor. Controlling glare and increasing visual comfort is a contributing factor to happy employees and improved productivity. Solar Roller Shades Window Treatments cut glare on media and computer monitors, increasing productivity and the quality clerical work, design, and image without cutting off the view through the window. If you want to go for the minimal look, try top down bottom up cellular shades, for shades that roll up from the bottom. Additionally, décor and color are very important. Moth-eaten carpets and greying walls are going to turn potential customers away rather than pull them in.

Business Location

Some businesses choose to be in town center locations, providing their employees’ access to bars, restaurants, shops and also other businesses. Conversely, for some companies a more rural, out of town location is better, offering staff more parking and more office space. If you choose to go out of the city, ensure your clients and staff will have easy access to your offices.

Business Insurance

For most businesses, even new ones, business insurance should be considered as essential to their survival as basic utilities and loyal clients. Some types of insurance are insisted on by law. Your business investors or business associates might require other coverages. But business insurance is really about safeguarding your investment and your employees in your business.

The Intended Use of the Office

Generally, this is pretty simple as most offices are used for ordinary business and will only require filing cabinets for papers and mains electricity for computers. Nevertheless, some companies might have an uncommon use for their office. Consequently, intended use would be a crucial decision. You would need to find out what restrictions or limitations govern your office space and therefore ensure you are not breaking any rules.

ISO Certification

There are many benefits associated with ISO certification. Once a company is ISO certified, the performance is improved, and eventually, the business is improved. When a business has the ISO certification, it conforms to all the international standards which are outlined by ISO. The customers get quality assurance from knowing that the company is ISO certified. There are many ISO standards for various sectors. There are different processes involved in each of the ISO certifications. These processes enable the company to increase its business and earn the trust of the customers. Due to the certification, the consumers put their faith in the company, and the business is improved.

If you need ISO certification then you should use hire the skills of consultancy such as JR Consultants who play a significant role in getting a business ISO certified. When you are choosing an ISO consultant, validate that the business you choose is capable and experienced enough to meet all your needs. This would include ISO 9001 certification and ISO 45001 in particular. Several points must be taken into account while choosing ISO consultants. The first thing to take into account is how long the company has been offering ISO assistance. Once you’re satisfied with the company's background, the next thing to be checked is the variety of services and products the business provides. Since most ISO consultancy businesses offer a guarantee of their services and products, make sure that the company you’re choosing offers a guarantee. ISO consultants are professionals in extensive record keeping and extend numerous services such as project management services, managing continuous improvement, performing internal audits, and developing quality management systems. These services play a vital role in getting the companies ISO certification. They also offer quality management services and quality assurance.

Office Space

The next aspect to think about is the size of the office space you need. For instance, if you’re a rapidly growing company, who is steadily growing, you might decide on slightly larger office space in anticipation of your growing business. This can help in lessening the number of times you have to move premises, hence reducing your hassle and costs. However, if you are a local business which has grown into a small business and now requires an office, you might find that office space can be insufficient at times. In this case, it would be best to go for a smaller office which will decrease the rent and thus keep your expenses to a minimum. The size of your office should equal the number of people currently in the business and the likelihood of expansion within the lease period.

Evidently, a well-informed decision contains a fairly complicated matrix of issues. Do your research, keep an open mind about your options, get your priorities straight, and get ready to make one of the most important decisions about your business.


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