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Sixty seconds with Dr Daniel N. Erasmus

Contributed by Knect365 Learning
13 March, 2018

Dr Daniel N Erasmus

(BA (law) BProc H Dip Tax Ph.DAdv Dip Transfer Pricing EA USTax Court Practitioner and NTPI Fellow)

Daniel has worked in the field of taxation since the 1980s and is currently Chairman of TRM Services. He is focusing on building the US chapter of the TRM practice, working closely with EAs and CPAs and their clients in the US.

He is a US Tax Court Practitioner, EA and an International Tax Attorney – with an excellent track record on tax cases.

Did you know?

Several multinational companies have been in the spotlight recently for not paying their fair share of tax. In Europe, companies such as Amazon and Google have been investigated by the European Commission for exploiting gaps in tax rules and shifting profits to low/no-tax locations.

These "tax avoidance strategies" are coming under intense scrutiny by governments around the world as they threaten one of the most predictable sources of public finance: tax.

In this 60 seconds interview with Dr Daniel Erasmus, we take a look at the unique transfer pricing (TP) requirements and challenges faced by TP professionals all around the world today. Dr Erasmus, who works as an International Tax Attorney, is the Programme Director for the Advanced Diploma in Transfer Pricing and will advise on how to become a transfer pricing expert.

What is the biggest challenge facing Transfer Pricing professionals at the moment?

Making sure they are ready for any tax audits on TP issues from various tax authorities. We are a tax litigation firm and spend a lot of time assisting our clients post-BEPS with their value chain analysis (VCA) in preparation for the Country- by-Country (CbC) reporting requirements, and with ensuring the appropriate records and evidence is in place to address any potential tax audits that may arise.

How will the Advanced Diploma in Transfer Pricing help tax professionals tackle such a challenge?

The course gives detailed insight into the multiple facets that are impacted by TP. It will prepare students with the required knowledge to understand the broader international tax law landscape that TP fits into. It will address (VCA'is), CbC reporting, compiling TP studies, working out an effective TP tax risk management plan, incorporating the significance of relevant BEPS issues and much more. Our lecturers and professors practice TP on a day-to-day basis and impart their practical knowledge of the theory to students.

What advice would you give aspiring TP professionals?

We all know TP is complex and very academic. But it is essential to know how to apply the theory and principles to practical problems on a daily basis. Therefore, acquiring thorough theoretical training, and being shown how to use those principles in practice is essential. The course sets out to do this, giving TP professionals not only a qualification to put behind their names, but real practical insight on how to apply that training to substantially minimise TP tax risk for multinational enterprises (MNEs).

Inspired by this article?

If you're interested in developing your career further in Transfer Pricing have a look at this leading online course.

Advanced Diploma in Transfer Pricing



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