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Seychelles Tax treaties

Contributed by ACT Offshore
07 August, 2018

Double-taxation agreements (DTAs) in force: Bahrain (3rd February 2012), Barbados (28th February 2008), Belgium (10th September 2015), Bermuda (19th July 2013), Botswana (22nd June 2005), China (17th January 2000), Cyprus (2nd November 2006), Ethiopia (1st January 2014), Guernsey (6th October 2016), Indonesia (16th May 2000), Isle Of Man (16th December 2013), Jersey (5th January 2017), Kenya (9th April 2015), Luxembourg (19th August 2013), Malaysia (10th July 2006), Mauritius (22nd June 2005), Monaco (1st January 2013), Oman (20th January 2004), Qatar (10th April 2007), San Marino (30th May 2013), Singapore (18th December 2015), South Africa (3rd July 2002), Sri Lanka (26th March 2014), Swaziland (11th February 2015), Thailand (14th April 2006), United Arab Emirates (23rd April 2007), Vietnam (7th July 2006), Zambia (4th June 2012).

DTAs signed (not ratified): Ghana, Kuwait, Lesotho, Malawi, Monaco and Zimbabwe.

Tax information exchange agreements (TIEAs) in force: Denmark (14th May 2012), Faroe Islands (14th May 2012), Finland (14th May 2012), Greenland (11th January 2014), Guernsey (22nd July 2012), Iceland (19th October 2013), India (28th June 2016), Netherlands (1st September 2012), Norway (11th August 2012), Sweden (6th October 2013), Swiss Confederation (10th August 2015).


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