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Setting up a Fitness Centre in Dubai

Contributed by PMC Solutions
03 February, 2020

Sedentary lifestyles are killing us – we need to exercise everyday as a part of our daily regime.

Also, with Dubai creating a lot of awareness on health and fitness with Fitness challenges and due to an alarming rise in obesity levels gyms and fitness centers are much in demand in Dubai in every part of the city.

Few of the modern and unique gym trends getting popularity in Dubai are given below:

  1. CrossFit
  2. Boutique Gyms
  3. Fitness for specific age group
  4. Barre-based Workouts
  5. Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS)
  6. Kangoo Jumps

How to open Gym in Dubai:

It is very obvious that establishing a conventional or any exclusive and innovative fitness center in Dubai is a profitable business since more people are focused on their health and well-being through regular visits to these gyms.

If you are looking at investing in Dubai's fitness industry, there is a comprehensive process for registering the gym in Dubai, including obtaining a business license, submitting a business plan, choosing the venue and buying the required equipment.

This is a long process, but by consulting industry experts, you can quickly complete the entire process.

If you are considering a Free Zone Gym License, then here are the regulations you need to be aware of before setting up:

The permissible activities of the gym license shall include only and specifically the following:

  • Physical exercise and weight loss training.
  • Meditation activities including yoga and tai-chi.
  • Provide various types of massage.

Below are the non-permissible activities under the gym license but shall not be limited to the following:

  • Undertake any clinical or physiological therapies for rheumatism or any other similar conditions.
  • Use of electrical diagnostic devices for ultrasound or other similar treatment systems by untrained staff.
  • Permitting patients associated with infectious diseases to join the health club / fitness center and conduct any activity.
  • Misusing the premises of the health club / fitness center for staff accommodation.
  • Causing noise disturbance from the sporting activities.
  • Employment of women in or enabling them entry to gent’s health clubs/fitness centers
  • Employment of men in or enabling them entry to ladies health clubs/fitness centers

Specific conditions also come along with setting up a gym.

  • Fitness clubs / health centers practitioners and clients of the services are expected to wear gym wear.
  • All staff employed in health clubs / fitness centers are mandated to practice personal hygiene.
  • All employees who offer massages must be properly qualified from DOHMS.
  • Weight reduction diets should only be prescribed and monitored by trained nutritionists.

Gyms/Health clubs/fitness centers should be equipped with the following:

  • Drinking water source;
  • Enough number of WC male and female clean toilets;
  • One shower for every six (6) persons;
  • Changing room with lockers / cabinets;
  • All essential first aid items;
  • Well maintained furniture and machines;
  • Maintain smoke-free environment and install signage to that effect;
  • Civil defense approved fire extinguisher system;
  • Appropriate ventilation and lighting (no less than 20 cubic feet of fresh air per person built as full occupancy);
  • Towels to be washed and cleaned after each use;
  • Proper drainage system;
  • Detergents and disinfectants;
  • Hand wash basin with liquid hand soap and tissues;
  • It is necessary to make the floor for the sports equipment from latex for shock resistance. Other areas must be smooth and easy to clean;
  • Separation between women and health clubs / fitness centers.
  • Swimming pools (if approved) are required to meet health conditions as defined and recommended by the Dubai Municipality's Environmental and Safety Section.

We at PMC Solutions DMCC will help you set up a gym in Dubai as we have many years of experience in setting up businesses in Dubai and throughout the UAE. Log on to www.pmcsolutions.me or contact us at +971 588 631 656 or email at setup@pmcsolutions.me


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