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Quick overview of Seychelles Legal System

Contributed by ACT Offshore
07 August, 2018

The Seychelles legal system is a mixture of Napoleonic Civil Law and English Common L aw, as a result of its history as both a French and an English territory at various times.

Sources of law

The sources of law are mainly through legislation. The National Assembly is the Seychelles legislative branch. The National Assembly has the power to create, amend and repeal all laws except for certain chapters in the Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles. This is the supreme law of the country and certain chapters therein, such as the constitutional rights of individuals, can only be amended by a referendum. It should be noted that up to the present date, most Bills in Seychelles are sponsored by the Executive Branch of Government.

Case law developments may expound upon or clarify issues not specifically targeted by legislation, but there are no branches of the law that have been developed solely through case law. The Civil Code of Seychelles sets out the laws and principles applicable in dealing with civil disputes. Also instead of the common law based tort, Seychelles has Delict, and instead of a common law based contract law, the Civil Code sets out all the principles applicable in Seychelles' contract law.

Legislation affecting international business operations:

  • Anti Money Laundering Regulations, 2012
  • Anti-Money Laundering Act, 2006 as amended 2008, 2011
  • Business Tax Act, 2009
  • Central Bank of Seychelles Act, 2004
  • Civil Aviation Act, 1996
  • Civil Code Of Seychelles Act, 1976
  • Commercial Code Act, 1977
  • Companies (Special Licences) Act, 2003
  • Companies Ordinance, 1972
  • Electronic Transactions Act, 2001
  • Financial Institutions Act, 2004
  • Financial Leasing Act, 2013
  • Financial Services AuthorityAct, 2013
  • Foreign Judgments (Reciprocal Enforcement), Act 1961
  • Foundations Act, 2009
  • Gambling Act, 2014
  • Hire Purchase and Credit Sale Act, 2013
  • Industrial Property Act, 2014
  • Insolvency Act, 2013
  • Insurance Act, 2008
  • International Business Companies Act 2016
  • International Corporate Service Providers Act, 2003 as amended 2009, 2011
  • International Trade Zone Act, 1995
  • International Trade Zone Regulations 1995
  • International Trusts Act, 1994 as amended 2011
  • Interpretation and General Provisions Act, 1976
  • Land Registration Act, 1967
  • Limited Partnership Act, 2003
  • Merchant Shipping Act, 1992
  • Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act, 1995
  • Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds Act, 2008
  • Prevention of Terrorism Act, 2004
  • Proceeds of Crime (Civil Confiscation)Act, 2008
  • Protected Cell Companies Act, 2003
  • Reciprocal Enforcement of British Judgments Act, 1922
  • Revenue Administration Act, 2009
  • Securities Act, 2007
  • Seychelles Code of Civil Procedure, 1920
  • Trade Marks Decree, 1978


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