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QROPS for Financial Advisers QROPS Choice

Contributed by QROPS Choice.com
11 March, 2013

Contributed by QROPS Choice.com [QROPSChoice.com]

A growing number of financial advisers in the UK are requiring assistance when it comes to QROPS and QNUPS – schemes which should always be considered when looking at a client’s circumstances and the options available to them.

Indeed the FSA has now confirmed that IFAs must consider QROPS as part of their advice, and this is likely to be covered under RDR. See link below.


Looking into a client’s background (considering moving or years spent abroad, current domicile etc.) is becoming more and more crucial. Overlooking such details can leave huge gaps in financial planning and could mean the client misses out on the benefits of taking out a QROPS or QNUPS. And that the adviser is left open to criticism or even worse.

This failure to recognise the possible advantages of QROPS/QNUPS used in appropriate circumstances, means that an increasing number of UK advisers are seeking the help of specialists such as ourselves.

We specialise in working alongside financial advisers in order to help them give appropriate advice on QROPS and QNUPS as options to the client. Not only does this add value to the advice shared, it could also prevent the client from being offered a product which isn’t 100% suited to their needs. Most particularly the client’s funds could end up in the wrong jurisdiction.

Having worked in the pension and financial sector for over two decades, and with wide experience of international pensions in a number of jurisdictions our team are experts in the QROPS/QNUPS market and constantly keep a finger on the pulse of this ever-changing and rapidly growing sector.

We pride ourselves on providing a high level of knowledge to the adviser and will ensure you are included in the QROPS/QNUPS process from start to finish.

It is clear that HMRC are not willing to tolerate the abuse of QROPS/QNUPS, as their most recent activities have demonstrated. Consequently it is important for you and your client that you can have confidence in the fact that any advice you take is not only based in knowledge but is both within the spirit and letter of the regulations

For more information on our excellent service, please contact one of our QROPS team, who will be happy to discuss your requirements, OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE www.qropschoice.com

Please ask for a FREE copy of our QROPS/QNUPS Guide

Mark Knight
QROPS Choice

Telephone: 0151 327 8466
e-mail:  consulting@qropschoice.com
Website: www.qropschoice.com

QROPS and QNUPS Choice Ltd – Registered in Gibraltar - Registered number 108379
Registered Office: Gibro House, Suite 4, 4 Giro’s Passage, Gibraltar


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