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QROPS Bulletin September 2011

Contributed by SIPP Specialists Limited
21 September, 2011

We bring you a few more articles of interest which have occurred during the last month. The main story emerging seems to be that draft legislation in New Zealand appears to threaten their future as a QROPS destination. There has been a veritable feeding frenzy of articles and reactions to this news. As always caution is perhaps the best response until the real official picture emerges. I’ve included a couple of the more balanced articles but watch this space.

There are a couple more general articles about the ‘downside’ of becoming an expat, and some of the common mistakes that are made, also an overview of QNUPS.

As always we must make our position clear as we are QROPS/QNUPS providers in a number of jurisdictions. We don’t endorse or agree any of these articles, and we have played no part in writing them. We think they may be of interest to people involved in QROPS/QNUPS, or thinking about it.

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