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Contributed by QROPSChoice.com
27 September, 2013

Contributed by QROPSChoice.com

The last month has been relatively quiet for articles but there are some thoughtful articles nonetheless. There are a couple of articles analysing the QROPS marketplace, reviewing recent events and looking to the future.  A related article looks at the risks involved in NOT giving QROPS advice for advisers, which in any case is against FCA guidelines.

One featured article reveals that discussions are taking place to set up an international Code of Conduct for QROPS operators – good luck with that one. We’ll keep you posted on developments and are prepared to be surprised.

We have not written or contributed to these articles and their inclusion here does not indicate we necessarily agree with them, we just think they may be of interest.

We are a multi-jurisdictional QROPS/QNUPS provider and consultancy, with knowledgeable UK based consultants who will give impartial jurisdictional advice to enable you to make a correct choice for your clients.

To learn more please visit www.qropschoice.com or contact us on consultants@qropschoice.com

Mark Knight, DipFS
QROPS Choice

PS. If you would like a copy of our FREE QROPS/QNUPS GUIDE, or would like one of our Presentations at your premises, please let us know.

Telephone: 0151 327 8466
Fax: 0151 328 0707
e-mail:  admin@qropschoice.com
Website: www.qropschoice.com

QROPS and QNUPS Choice Ltd – Registered in Gibraltar - Registered number 108379
Registered Office: Gibro House, Suite 4, 4 Giro’s Passage, Gibraltar

QROPS and QNUPS Choice Ltd are not regulated to give advice.  The information provided in this communication is based on our understanding of the current legislation governing pensions.


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