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Contributed by QROPSChoice.com
13 May, 2014

The majority of articles in the last few weeks have focused on the UK budget and its perceived impact on the QROPS industry. Many of these are of the ‘doom and gloom’ variety, so I’ve omitted those which are particularly hysterical. Seemingly, there are a few conundrums stemming from the UK Changes and these are the articles I’ve concentrated on here.

For example there are articles here referring to possible future actions for DB Schemes and public service Schemes, as well as the Chancellor now allowing 100% cash withdrawal in the UK, and the possibility of this being allowed under QROPS rules too, (not holding my breath on this one).

There is also an article about the FOS and possible retrospective action against UK Advisers for not giving QROPS advice. They’re non-committal at this stage, but we understand this could be a real possibility – watch this space.

We are a multi-jurisdictional QROPS/QNUPS provider with UK based consultants and structures available in IOM, Malta, Gibraltar and Guernsey. We have not written the featured articles and nor do we endorse them in any way.

To learn more about our services please visit www.qropschoice.com or contact us on consultants@qropschoice.com

Chris Williams

QROPS Choice

PS. We can arrange FREE QROPS and QNUPS Presentations at your premises for training purposes. Please let us know if you need this service


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QROPS and QNUPS Choice Ltd are not regulated to give advice.  The information provided in this communication is based on our understanding of the current legislation governing pensions.



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