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Panama Banking Center Asset

Contributed by Molina & Co.
01 March, 2011

Banking Center assets reached U.S. $ 72.053 million 12.7% growth recorded Banking Center, whose assets month February 2011 amounted to U.S. $ 72.053 million. The good performance of the credit portfolio and portfolio investments are main drivers behind this growth.

During this period, the Centre has a net income of January to February 2011 for U.S. $ 267 million, U.S. $ 100 million more than last year above. This increase is explained by the other income line on the basis log profits of subsidiaries. This utility is an ROA of 2.35% and ROE 20.25%, while net interest margin is at 2.56%. For more information on the results of the banking center visit www.superbancos.gob.pa

Additionally, the new legislation know your customer will benefit for users Banking Center, streamlining the account opening procedure for current and investment right through private foundations whenever the subject would have reraised confident or not the Service requested before the interview required by the bank.


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