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Opening a Retail Shop in Dubai

Contributed by PMC Solutions
10 February, 2020

Establishing a retail store in Dubai is a very promising proposal.

Shops in the retail, beauty salon and restaurant domains are the most prevalent in Dubai. Retail is one of the most successful non-oil industries in the UAE.

There is no shortage of retail stores in Dubai, of course. But there are always fresh possibilities for such companies. Expo 2020 is a significant upcoming event that will definitely boost growth opportunities for several sectors including the retail industry.

Retail shop in Dubai free zone:

Compared to other vast businesses, small investors can open retail shops which leads to provide employment to large number of people. As a retail business owner, you can setup your outlet either in Dubai mainland or any of the free zones in Dubai.

Retail Shop in Dubai Mainland:

But the Dubai mainland is pretty much the best location to set up a retail store.

Below are certain measures to be taken care of before starting a retail store in Dubai Mainland.

1. Local Sponsor

2. Business registration by the authorities concerned

3. Commercial licence to start the retail shop

For this purpose, you are required to submit all documents to the authorities and obtain approval to start your company. The Department of Economic Development in Dubai (DED) is the main authority. You will also require approval from Ejari, UAE Ministry of Economy, Dubai Municipality (DM) and other authorities to complete the proceedings.

4. Selecting the right jurisdiction for your business.

5. Shop on rent

1. Retail Shop

Support of a Local Partner

In Dubai as well as other areas of the UAE, it is compulsory to receive assistance from a local partner (sleeping partner) with no less than 51 percent of the company's share. Unless you own a store in the free zone or sign a agreement protected by an investor, this procedure is required.

Obtaining Dubai Commercial License

Shop on Rent

2. Beauty Salon

Obtaining Professional Licence

In Dubai, anyone who wishes to begin a skill-based company should get a professional license from Dubai Municipality.

3. Restaurant

Every year, Dubai is a favourite holiday destination for many, welcoming millions of visitors. So, a business-worthy choice could be to start a restaurant in Dubai with creative approaches.

Here are the main points for starting your Dubai restaurant.

Acquiring a Food and Trade License in Dubai

A restaurant license in Dubai is the fundamental requirement for opening a restaurant. Food license can be acquired through the Food & Safety Department, while trade license need to be obtained from the Department of Economic Development (DED) and the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

If you are keen on providing added selections to your customers, then there are a number of special licenses you must apply for including a delivery permit, liquor permit, etc.

By making business practices easier and more convenient, the Dubai government is making life easier for investors.


Starting a retail store in Dubai or the UAE, can open the door to success for small investors and entrepreneurs. But it requires a complete registration process that includes submitting various documents and acquiring approval from various official departments. This is by no means is a simple process and you will need the services of a reputable consultancy company to complete all these tasks quickly and conveniently.

We at PMC Solutions DMCC – the most trusted business setup consultants in Dubai can provide you this service. Thanks to our several years of our professional experience in the UAE.

For Free Consultation Services log on to www.pmcsolutions.me or contact us at +971 588 631 656 or email at setup@pmcsolutions.me


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