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Middle East Faces Significant Challenges To International Business, Survey Finds

Contributed by CS Global Partners
04 December, 2017

A survey conducted by CS Global Partners has revealed that those conducting business in the Middle East are faced with significant hurdles when it comes to conducting international business. 

With a focus on business in the Middle East, the survey found that 67% of respondents believe the administrative processes of other countries are a barrier to further opportunities, and 75% feel limited by the opportunities within the region at least some of the time. 

60% of respondents said they travelled internationally for business purposes at least every three months if not more, motivated largely by the prospect of expansion and ways to diversify.  

International advisory for citizenship and residency, CS Global Partners carried out the survey to better understand the challenges and barriers that are facing businesses in MENA. 

CEO of CS Global Partners, Micha Emmett, said the survey provides significant insight to the global citizen working in the Middle East: 

"In a highly globalised world of constant and sometimes unpredictable change, we wanted to better understand the challenges that those conducting business in the Middle East face.

"Business professionals around the world are always looking toward the next big opportunity, but there are times when the political or economic climate affects their business goals and ambitions. 

"This survey shows that while there is an appetite to diversify and expand business in the Middle East, the logistics can be a hindrance to growth and progress."
25% of respondents cited foreign laws and regulations to be the biggest hurdle, while 20% acknowledged that currency rates were also a challenge to their international frameworks.


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