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Investing in the US: The Land of Opportunities

Contributed by ICD Fiduciaries
09 April, 2020

The US is an investor's paradise. Simply put, it is a country defined by a culture of entrepreneurship, risk-taking, and adventure. No other nation in the globe can match the US when it comes to these attributes. And you know what? History tells us that the US has all along been a land that welcomes people seeking to realize their dreams.

It is true that the US, like other countries, is not perfect. But it has developed systems that guarantee freedoms that foster an entrepreneurial culture. This makes it one of the most attractive jurisdictions for investors. So what does it have to offer?

This guide highlights different tips and info that will come in handy when opening a business in the US. Further, we highlight helpful data and other attributes about the United States to help you when opening a bank account.

The Best Place to Call a Home

The US is one of the most visited countries in the world. To be specific, it is ranked third in terms of tourist traffic, coming behind France and Spain, respectively. But we did not find this surprising at all because the country has some of the most beautiful sceneries. It also has a very large surface area. With a total of 3.8 million square miles, the US is the third-largest country based on land area.

If you check closer from the East Coast to California, the US has everything: canyons, lakes, rivers, coniferous forests, deserts, tropical vegetation, and great plains, among others. This implies that the US has all that a tourist would wish to see.

Apart from awesome landscapes, the US is also known as the home of the best cities. Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Miami, New Jersey, and San Francisco, among others, have unique identities. Well, who would not like to travel to Las Vegas?

And the US has more to offer! Once in the country, virtually every visitor activity is possible. So what do you fancy most? Whether you like visiting museums, winter sports, hiking outdoors, or enjoying city life, the US has the best. Here, you cannot get bored!

Another awesome attribute about the US is its excesses. From its cultural life to technology, the country has exported them all over the globe.

Today, the US benefits greatly from the highly developed infrastructure and enjoyable living environment. While we cannot deny that the US is a developed country where the gap between the poorest and richest is remarkable, no one is sidelined.

The First and Best Global Power

When we say that the US is number one economic power in the globe, it is not an exaggeration. Let us take a closer look at the numbers. In 2018, the US GDP hit 20.5 trillion dollars, which was way ahead that of China (including business in Hong Kong) and the European Union. During the same period, China had a GDP of 13.407 billion dollars, while the EU had 18.750 billion dollars. If you turn to GDP per capita, the US also leads with $62,000, only coming behind small and rich countries with sparsely distributed population.

With the above figures, even the people who have been indicating that China is the future number one economic powerhouse are unable to justify the assertion. As a fact, China is way behind the US and will need decades to catch up. Indeed, the US is further ahead if other crucial indicators are factored.

Today, if you look at manufacturing, the US is still way ahead of its peers. If you list the top international companies, including the most innovative ones, you will realize one thing: most of them are American.

In addition, everyone in the US is free to conduct business. Indeed, this is the core of the enviable economic life. Opening a business in the US is fast, easy, and enjoyable. The highly developed corporate culture in the US greatly benefits entrepreneurs and can only be compared to that of France.

Another remarkable thing about the US is the diversity of investment opportunities. While it is true that the service sector contributes 79.5% of the GDP, there is still a huge opportunity in the industry sector. You also have opportunities in agriculture. Today, the US is the number one agricultural products exporter in the world.

From automotive to health, financial and new technologies, the list of available areas for investment is endless. No matter what area you think of, the US has an influential company. Today, you can also invest your money in real estate in several US States.


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