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Inventive Financing Options For Small Business Entrepreneurs

Contributed by Sussex SEO
04 September, 2019

Workers from all generations are starting to tire of the traditional style of making a living. Spending endless hours and effort to make someone else's dreams come true is wearing thin for many folks. Independent businesses are gaining in popularity as many people are choosing to work for themselves.

Whether you start by running a small online business out of your home or want to set up your own shop or restaurant, it will take dedication, commitment and money. Even if you start out small, with luck and effort you will have to expand your enterprise at some point. That's where the need for financing can come in.

Traditional business loans may not be an option for some entrepreneurs, so they may need to get a bit more creative with their financing options. Finding out about government grants, the power of crowdfunding or how to get a title loan on a salvage vehicle are all great places to start. Take a look at some of the inventive financing options that may work for you as you start off in the world of small business ownership.


If you want to self finance your business, you can start by liquidating some of your assets. Vehicles, sports equipment, antiques and RVs are all valuable assets that can help you to bring in money for your business financing. You can start by having a smaller garage sale to help you purge the items in your home that you need to get rid of and build from there. Auction companies will often make arrangements to come into your home to do an assessment and hold an open auction of your larger items.

Title Loan

If you have a car, boat or RV you might qualify for a title loan for a percentage of the value. These loans don't require you to have a stellar credit rating which might work better for many people. Traditional lenders like large banks or credit unions may reject your loan unless you have a great credit history. The advantage of title loans is that you are only using your vehicle as collateral on your loan amount, leaving you free to still maintain ownership and use it unless you forfeit on your payments.

Angel Investors

There are plenty of people out there with money that they are looking to invest. Why not let them invest in your venture? Private investors can be found through networking or online networks. If they believe that you have a valuable and viable product or service to provide, they may agree to provide financing for your business. Angel investors can be a real blessing to new owners who need some guidance and mentorship.


Thousands of new businesses have got the money that they need by advertising on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter. All you need to do is create a campaign page with a listed financial goal amount to get started. Describe your business, your dreams, your story and why you need funding and anyone on the internet can send you donations.


Working for yourself to make your own dreams come true can be very rewarding. It will most definitely require all your effort and dedication. Try using some of these creative and inventive ways to gather your financing to help you get off to a great start.


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