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Interview with Xavier Prats, Director of GM Consultors

Contributed by GM Consultors
30 March, 2016

“Andorra is an interesting platform to operate in an international level”

GM Consultors is a professional office of economists, specialized in taxation and auditing, accounting and business strategy in general, which since 1997 gives services of consulting, assistance and management.

Talk us about the services that GM Consultors offer. What are you specialized in?

We offer a wide range of personalized services adapted to necessity of each company, mainly in taxation consulting, labour law and accounting, auditing and limited review of accounts, strategy and operative planning, marketing investigation and market studies and quality management. Now a days we empower projects of foreign investment in Andorra.

Why could be interesting to invest in Andorra?

Andorra is diversifying its model of development opening itself and letting initiatives of invest and business international projects. This new economic model is based in the taxation attractive, but also in legal security, institutional stability, high quality of life and a linguist population with a great level of formation. The taxation reform started in 2010 has given form to a new tax framework (corporation tax of 10%, VAT of 4,5% and individual incomes tax of 10%), that allows the signature of agreements of double taxation with main countries and makes Andorra an interesting platform to operate in an international level. The law of foreign investment allows the creation of companies with 100% foreign capital. There are several special taxation regimes with an exemption of 80% of the taxation basis, which means the effective rate is around 2% over profit. For those foreign investors we have a full service called “Pack PIME”.

What does it consist of?

We propose businessmen a system of assistance and management control perfectly customized to their size, organization and necessities. The pack pime is an adapting product that allows to our customers select which services they need: accounting services, control and review of accounting, control panel (indicators about the evolution of the company), salaries, other administrative obligations related to workers, liquidation of taxes, deposit of statements, permanent support of accounting doubts, taxation and working law, etc. In proportion of the range of services selected and the characteristics of the company, we propose a monthly fix rate adapted to the needs of the costumer.

GM Consultors has an important trajectory in studies and auditing companies and public institutions. Can you highlight some of them?

We can proudly say that the majority of public institutions have been audited by our firm, for example the CASS (public social security system), the only Andorran telecommunications company (Andorra Telecom), the main electricity company (FEDA), most city halls, the chamber of commerce (CCIS), hospital services and healthcare (SAAS), public radio and television (RTVA), etc.

In parallel we have developed strategy projects and business plans for ski and mountain resorts, we have advised city halls in public accounting, we have advised ministry of health on insurance, we have advised parliament on taxation, etc. All these projects give us a wide experience and knowledge about public sector and those public companies in general.


GM Consultors is a firm based on direct and permanent contact with the costumer, in order to establish and keep personalized relationship guaranteeing utmost confidentiality and the stricter professional secret. We focus our work policy to a getting better answering to the requirements of our customers, keeping with them a permanent communication and producing high value services.


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