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How to stay updated with the latest Tax Laws

Contributed by IMF Academy
08 October, 2019

The developments of tax are fast and the matter is complex. To keep up with these developments it is necessary that your knowledge is up to date. Tax courses are an excellent way to stay up to date, advance your career with additional skills and competence in an important and changing business practice. Within the tax specialism IMF Academy publishes two interesting distance learning courses; Transfer Pricing and Transfer Pricing & Intangibles, an online study trainer to become a Transfer Pricing Professional and a 5-day classroom training to become an international BEPS expert.

The Transfer Pricing course focuses on major Transfer Pricing issues and concerns that all professionals involved in the complex area of Transfer Pricing will face such as: business restructuring and valuation, Transfer Pricing legislation and guidelines, documentation requirements per region and per country, Transfer Pricing project and risk management, Transfer Pricing (pre-)controversy management, design and development of a Transfer Pricing policy, types of intercompany transactions, intellectual property, customs and the implications of BEPS for Transfer Pricing.

In the Transfer Pricing & Intangibles course your instructors will look at intangibles from the complementary perspectives of Transfer Pricing and valuation. As there is no single definition of Intellectual Property (IP) and other intangibles in use today by tax authorities or the OECD, the authors provide a framework in order to capture the various characteristics of Intellectual Property. Next, they touch upon the methods that have been provided by the OECD to establish arms length pricing or valuation of intra-group transactions of Intellectual Property (IP), as well as the practical implementation of these methods.

The Transfer Pricing Professional online training consists of 2 online courses: Transfer Pricing Fundamentals, and Transfer Pricing Complexities. The Transfer Pricing Fundamentals course offers you a set of 8 modules that provide a better understanding of Transfer Pricing. The Transfer Pricing Complexities course consists of 6 modules and offers you a more in-depth understanding of Transfer Pricing.

In the BEPS Expert training, the most important actions of the BEPS project as well as the EU Action Plan and UN tax developments will be discussed. The instructors will provide you with the latest updates on profit allocation Permanent Establishments (PE); Mandatory Dispute Resolution (MDR); the Multilateral Instrument (MLI); Controlled Foreign Company (CFC) rules and best practices; hybrid structures; harmful tax practices and the Nexus approach; triangular cases, the current status of state aid and taxation, the EU Parent Subsidiary Directive; anti-abuse; EU ATAD 1 and ATAD 2; etc.

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