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Developing Strategies for International Business

Contributed by by IBSA
21 April, 2015

With Parliament dissolved and the UK General Election just weeks away, the coming months will be fascinating for those dealing with UK headquartered business structures. The major political parties have the economy as a key priority within their manifestoes and all make reference to the continuing commitment toward greater anti-avoidance measures. International business structures will undoubtedly be affected by post-election activity and its practical implications, particularly UK SMEs that have global interests.

Running businesses across multiple borders has never been easy, but as the international regulatory environment continues to undergo seismic changes, the challenges are ever present. Driven by the weight of public opinion on issues such as tax avoidance, the austere environment of current times, and the need to see global economies both growing and competing, governments are tightening regulations and reporting on cross border operations.

Structuring companies to not only survive, but also thrive, in this international climate now demands the specialist/local knowledge of a vast range of disciplines, and now more than ever advisors find it essential to work collaboratively with groups of trusted fellow professionals worldwide.

The International Business Structuring Association was founded to catalyse this collaborative approach to professional advice for cross-border operations, as well as acting as the community of international advisors and their clients from which knowledge, specialist advice can be accessed and exchanged and professional relationships can be formed whilst uncovering new business opportunities.

The IBSA is holding its first workshop on Thursday 4 June in Central London on the topic of ‘Developing Strategies for International Business: Examining a Typical Entrepreneur’s International Group Structure for Current Problems and Opportunities’. An opportunity to both explore the impact of the post-UK-election landscape, as well as develop strategies for pertinent business structuring issues, this one-day event will be practical and interactive. The typical international group structure of an entrepreneur will be used as a case study to frame discussions throughout the day, as attendees are able to exchange valuable knowledge with an international audience of their peers.

For further information pertaining to this event please go to: www.istructuring.com/branch-events/ibsa-workshop-london

www.istructuring.com  @TheIBSA


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