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Cyprus Bank Account

Contributed by E R Team Global Consultants Ltd
25 April, 2019

Cyprus Banks are the ideal Banks for opening a fast and fuss free corporate or personal Bank account for your day to day needs or for your Business. We open bank accounts in many other countries too.

Quick Points for Opening A Bank Account in Cyprus:

  • A Cyprus bank account can be opened in your absence. Everything is done online and by courier.
  • Full internet banking 24/7 allowing transfers without limitation. No extra cost. Debit card acceptable worldwide.
  • Cyprus bank account opening is fast and fuss free. Minimum requirement of documents. Our in house lawyers will certify your documents and signatures.
  • Open a Cyprus bank account without minimum deposit terms! No monthly minimum balance either! Zero tax on any interest earned!
  • A Cyprus offshore bank account can be opened with minimum formalities in about 10-12 days. Multi currency accounts at no extra cost.
  • We can open corporate and personal bank accounts for companies of other jurisdictions or nationality in Cyprus and other countries.
  • We offer very reasonable fees for account opening. NO HIDDEN COSTS.
  • Full anonymity of all your banking operations. Full confidentiality of your documents and business secrets.

Open a Cyprus Bank Account:

Banking in Cyprus is a pleasure. Forget the traumatic experience for trying to open a bank account in other countries and the months of waiting. Our Law Firm can get you a very fast Cyprus Bank Account in only a few days. For more detailed information on how to open a bank account in Cyprus follow this link: https://cypruscompanyformation.com.cy/bank-account-in-cyprus-2/ Cyprus bank accounts offer your business flexibility, speed, professional tools for fast trading and of course the means to success. The procedures for opening a Cyprus bank account are simple and fast. Many Cyprus Banks offer corporate and personal bank accounts with summary procedures and with all the facilities and tools needed for a professional. Most Cyprus Banks are offering banking services of high quality and equally efficient to those of any international banks. The Cyprus banking system is stable now. Cyprus bank accounts are sought after by international entrepreneurs who know their benefits and advantages. There are now no restrictions at all on the movement of money in and out of the country.

Advantages of a Bank Account in Cyprus:

A Bank Account in Cyprus offers great advantages and benefits to the account holder, the private individual, the international entrepreneur or the professional for his offshore operations. The professional environment of Cyprus banks, the personal and friendly attitude of the bankers, the great get up and organisation of Cyprus banking, the easily accessible services or the strategic position of the island makes a Cyprus bank account one of the most useful tools for professionals and not only. The following are some but not the only ones of the advantages of the Cyprus bank accounts:

1. Fast, fuss free opening. In a few days we can have the account number, IBAN and SWIFT numbers for you.

2. Your presence in not necessary. A Cyprus bank account can be opened in your absence.

3. No terms for minimum initial deposit or minimum monthly balance.

4. Debit or Credit cards valid all over the world.

5. An online Cyprus bank account offers i-banking, allowing swift transfers without any limitation.

6. Digi-pass machine for extra security makes the Cyprus Bank Account, one of the safest accounts.

7. Multi-currency accounts for any currencies, at no extra cost.

8. Low Bank Charges on transfers and on other bank services.

9. No restrictions at all on the movement of money in or out of Cyprus.

10. Full confidentiality.


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