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Business Setup in DAFZA

Contributed by PMC Solutions
31 January, 2020

DAFZA is one of Dubai's most famous and sophisticated free zones. Providing an optimal basis for doing business in the Middle East with a business-friendly background, world-class infrastructure, tax exemptions, complete earnings repatriation, complete ownership and outstanding infrastructure.

Strategically situated next to Dubai International Airport, they are proud of the quick documentation clearing and processing service to maximize company activity and effectiveness.

Benefits including tax exemptions, investor incentives and no currency limitations make the Dubai Airport Free zone one of the most appealing possibilities for economic growth in the globe.

Benefits of Setting Your Business in Dubai Airport Free Zone:

DAFZA offers the underlying benefits for businesses registered with them. Here are some of the benefits you get for Dubai Airport Free Zone company formation:

  • Complete corporate tax exemption
  • 100% personal income tax exemption
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Freedom of repatriation of capital and profits
  • Strategic location adjacent to Dubai International Airport
  • Excellent infrastructure and facilities
  • Dedicated logistics center and comprehensive cargo handling facilities
  • Companies can function 24 hours a day
  • Top of the line enterprise infrastructure
  • Direct access to government facilities like immigration, customs, etc.
  • Single stop for all administrative services
  • Quick and simple access to more than 220 nations through 130 support flights.

Types of licenses Available in DAFZA:

Under DAFZA, companies prepared to commence their company can choose from any of the four-business license and proceed with their activities. In DAFZA, they even have a dual licensing choice. The various kinds of permits for company are:

  1. Trade License

    Trading of particular products including import, export, re-export, distribution and storage. These operations are allowed for the holder of a Dubai Airport Free Zone trade permit.

  2. Service License

    A service license is intended for service-oriented enterprises and allows an organization to provide the services stipulated in the license.

  3. Industrial License

    A business person ready to perform industrial operations of light production, packaging and assembly may opt for an industrial permit.

  4. General Trading License

    A general trading permit in Dubai enables its owner to trade in particular, including import, export, re-export, store, and distribute operations. A general trading permit allows the owner to trade in more than 2 categories of products.

Permissible Legal Entities in DAFZA:

DAFZA permits 2 types of legal entities to establish their operation in this Dubai free zone:

  1. Free Zone Establishment (FZE)
  2. Branch Office of an Existing Company

For more detailed information on business setup inquiries in Dubai Airport Free zone Authority (DAFZA), log on to www.pmcsolutions.me or contact us at +971 588 631 656 or email at setup@pmcsolutions.me

PMC Solutions DMCC are the most trusted business setup consultants in Dubai, UAE.


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