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Build an Offshore company in Hong Kong

Contributed by Online Company Register
12 October, 2017

Hong Kong is a beautiful city and situated in the ideal location in the Pacific Asia region which is a free market economy with access to all the major market of the world. It is reputed as one of the friendly business environment in the world and ranks as the least corrupt world economies. It has highly proficient transportation system and the use of English in the Hong Kong city additionally elevates its attractiveness as the perfect area to begin businesses. The City utilizes English precedent-based law which advocates for the guidelines of value. It has an exceptionally skilled workforce that is its delegated jewel. This advantage attracts financial specialists to put pen to paper.

Requirements for opening a registered company in Hong Kong:-

The Company must appoint at least one director however their number might be unlimited. It is not required for them to be Hong Kong residents.

At Least one shareholder is required and most extreme fifty. The shareholders might be regular people or organizations.

Process for beginning your business in Hong Kong

You can do investment within the country and outside the country and the foreign investors have two options in an offshore company in Hong Kong. Firstly, they may register a new company and secondly, they buy an already registered one.

The companies that are just registered yet don't represent any liabilities or assets and might be bought by investors that have no opportunity to hold up until another company is incorporated. After getting it, the investors may contribute directors and secretary of the organization, which increment the share capital and change the name and the registered address.

The investors that wish to register the company in Honk Kong must know some facts. First, the company's name must be checked at the time of registry. If it is unique or too much alike with another one, it can be reserved. After this process, here are documents which must be submitted to the registry:

  • The  memorandum of association(MOA) and Articles of Incorporation(AOI),
  • The Registration application form
  • Bank Reference letter for non-resident directors or shareholders
  • Photocopy of director's or shareholder's identity card and copy of parent company registration
  • Photocopy of directors and shareholders passport

After company registration in Hong Kong, the offshore company must have deposited the following documents:

  • Different reports asked for by the Business Registration Office, which depends upon the way of the business,
  • Notification regarding the registered address,
  • The decision of appointing the director and shareholders and their agreement to act in that position.

After company registration Hong Kong, a bank account must be opened within a month. When you are operating a trading company, a travel agency, a retail shop, an education business, and even management company are the activities that required receiving a license. We recommend you to taking a professional advice or help of the qualified business consultant, which will help you to make sure you start your agency proper and in the legal system of this state or city.

If the above procedures are complete, the foreign investors may start the company and enjoy the benefits of having an offshore company in Hong Kong.


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