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Benefits of Setting Up a Shams Free Zone Company In the United Arab Emirates

Contributed by SFM Offshore
24 January, 2018

Globalization has meant that if you wish to set up a new company, such as an Ecommerce, consultancy or trading business, you don't have to sieve through commercial property pages in your local area. With places like Dubai around, you can save yourself a lot of dollars by taking your business there, as the Shams Free Zone offers a lot of concessions to businesses.

What exactly is the Shams Free Zone?

The Shams Free Zone can be found in the Sharjah Emirate, which is an area known for tourism and for the support it offers both business and talented professionals. It provides infrastructure of a world-class standard, as well as services and amenities that support a diverse, modern culture, economy, education and modernity.

Shams is one of the newest and most adventurous free zones that is now being made available in the UAE. This free zone is offering trade licenses to new companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers in a variety of different industries. This allows start-ups and SMEs access so they can establish themselves and grow, both in the local business environment and globally too. Shams offers not only a great business environment community, but it has many community-oriented services that add so much more to this great business venue.

The Shams Free Zone offers the following benefits right from day one.

  • Generous range of business types accepted
  • Simple and fast process to get your company registered
  • All your company's documents issued within days
  • Rates to set up your business begin at US$ 5,900 annually
  • No deposits demanded
  • Up to 6 visas eligibility
  • Physical presence not necessary in the UAE to set up your company
  • You can appoint your Corporate Managers and Directors in the UAE for your new company
  • Companies in the Shams Fee Zone will be limited liability companies
  • 100 percent foreign ownership allowed
  • 0 percent personal and corporate tax
  • Only 15 minutes from the international airport in Dubai and only 5 minutes drive to get to Sharjah Airport.

Don't waste any more valuable business time. Get your new Ecommerce, consultancy or trading business set up in the UAE's Shams Free Zone now. By applying for your Ecommerce, consultancy or trading license in the Shams Free Zone today you could be making the best decision you have ever made. You will be amazed how many easily accessible support services there are available in the zone. You will have the chance to form new business relationships with ease, as everyone you meet will think like you.


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