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Backpacking Vs Student Language Courses Abroad

Contributed by PapersOwl
21 August, 2020

The article provided here courtesy of Isabell Foster, a seasoned traveller, professional journalist, and academic writer serving at PapersOwl, an online educational platform.

Travel is one of the most exciting pastimes, especially for students. You will open your eyes to new languages and cultures, discover fantastic landscapes, and meet interesting people. Travelling also helps students learn new things about their personality. You can choose either backpacking or studying a foreign language abroad. Both ways are brilliant to see the world. Go on reading to figure out which option can suit you the best.

You will discover new places

When you choose backpacking, you have to be ready to carry all you need for your dream adventure on your back. Literally, you will be free to roam without any limits. Students love to pack up fast and move to new places. Why do you have to stay in the same place for longer than your interest span can handle? Students should try to organize backpacking travel adventures to discover new cities, villages, and nature attractions. What's the most exciting about backpacking is that you don't have to stay in the same place for a long time. You remain mobile and free to choose any location you like.

Students who decide to study a foreign language abroad should be ready to attend classes regularly and live with a host family. You will be tied to one place. It is a great opportunity to improve your language knowledge, explore the city, and become like a real local. You will find your favourite shops, a lot of new friends, and a deep understanding of a new culture and way of living. You will not only master a foreign language but will find a new family away from home. As soon as your classes are finished, you can go take in local sights and visit popular attractions.

Students will meet new friends

There are many different travel communities, but backpackers are the most friendly and hospitable people. Backpacking is definitely your cup of tea if you like to share stories and travel tips with other less experienced backpackers. Students who love moving in different directions have good chances to meet a lot of extraordinary young people during the journey. You will find a new friend to go out for dinner, share the hike, and keep you company during the long-distance train/bus journey, etc.

Language courses in a foreign country are different because you see classmates every day and very fast they become your second family. It is a life-changing experience to move away from your home, explore new places, and learn a new language. If you compare it with backpacking, the difference is that you meet people not for a night, but for life. Do not lose the opportunity to meet local people. While travelling you will find many hidden gems to expand the international network. Use the opportunity to study abroad, if you are interested in a foreign country and meeting locals.

Students will gain essential life skills

Students who decide to travel are guaranteed to gain a lot of essential and useful life skills. When you go to a foreign country either to travel or to study, you will be thrown into a challenging and exciting environment. Students have no choice but to learn as fast as possible how to communicate with people using a foreign language, navigate within a new cultural environment, and get used to creating a new life for themselves abroad. You will learn how to manage your time, transportation, and social life. We can promise you that when you come back home, you will feel more confident in your abilities. When you travel or study in a foreign country, you gain the ability to speak foreign languages and keep in touch with a new community of people. As soon as you finish your study, you will share this experience in your CV to impress your future employer.

Tips For Students Who Travel or Backpack Abroad

Plan your adventure ahead

If you want to have a fun, useful, and pleasant trip, time is important. Students have to start planning the journey 3 weeks ahead. Otherwise, everything will be booked and you will have expensive options.

Choose Your Destination Wisely

Students do not have a huge budget for travelling. So you have to choose the destination wisely. You will save time and money. It is a guarantee to have the best experiences in your life.

Check Available Transportation/Living Options

Do not think that planes are expensive. Students can find budget airlines which cost even cheaper than buses or trains. The price will depend on the place where you plan to go. If you travel with friends, consider using Airbnb, which can be cheaper than hotels. Consider ordering a 24-hour public transportation pass or a group ticket.

Travel Light

If you want to get backpacking experience, make sure your bag is light because you will have to carry it everywhere. We recommend you to pack the essentials. The most important is to have a comfortable pair of shoes to walk hundreds of kilometres every day. A fast-drying towel, an umbrella, a jacket, and gloves will make you fully equipped for your backpacking trip.


Beware of tourist traps. Do not forget that each country is unique. It is your responsibility to check the rules. Always avoid dangerous situations and stay vigilant. Do not be shy to ask your new friends where to go and what to see. Sometimes a piece of advice from a local person is much better than a travel brochure.


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