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Announcing the Launch of the QROPS TRANSIT SIPP

Contributed by SIPP Specialists Limited
16 October, 2012

Contributed by SIPP Specialists Limited [www.sippspecialists.co.im]

Often when a client has decided to move abroad, an adviser may find that he or she may have a number of different pension pots with different UK providers. All of these may need to be moved subsequently to a QROPS compatible with the clients planned country of residence.

This can cause problems:-

- Delays in transferring one or other of the funds

- Additional workload for the adviser

- Additional workload for the QROPS provider

- Lack of QROPS experience at some UK pension providers

All of which could cause a lack of control and a delay in setting up the client’s QROPS.

We can offer a simple, cost effective solution:-

The QROPS TRANSIT SIPP which will collect all the funds into ONE SIPP and subsequently make ONE transfer to the selected QROPS provider.

There will be a one off charge of £175 plus VAT

Because we have experience of both ends of the transaction, this should eliminate workload for both adviser and QROPS provider, increase the control of the transfer and perhaps increase peace of mind for the client

Please contact us at consultants@sippspecialists.com if you would like to discuss this further.

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Sipp Specialists is not regulated to give advice.  The information provided in this communication is based on our understanding of the current legislation governing pensions.

This information is for professional advisers only and members of the public should not rely on it


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