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Important: Please note, the information contained in these pages has been placed here as a historical archive. We can not guarantee that all the details are accurate, they are intended for research purposes.

Corporate HQ Location Guide

The location of a corporate headquarters is sometimes, but not often, approached on a scientific basis. There are lots of factors that impact on the decision to stay with, move or establish a corporate headquarters, and not all of them would be immediately recognisable to a management consultant.

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Expatriate Tax Regimes

There are many factors to consider when looking to relocate abroad. This section analyzes the pros and cons associated with a variety of anglophone jurisdictions. Factors examined include residence requirements, local taxation rules, and fringe benefits.

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Tax-Efficient Investments

Most governments provide tax-friendly regimes, either by supporting particular economic activities that are regarded as beneficial, or by allowing tax-planning when it delivers a public benefit.

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Fringe Benefits

Fringe benefits are payments that take a different form to salary or wages. These are usually classed as taxable remuneration, though some programs can be structured to minimise taxation.

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Gibraltar E-Commerce Focus

Despite low transaction volumes and bulging treasuries, rich-country (high-tax) Governments have begun to feel seriously threatened by tax leakage via e-commerce, especially the offshore variety.

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Tax-Effective Global Manufacturing and Financing Structures

A regional look at the different possibilities that are available to a multinational corporation in terms of supply train structure, chiefly from a tax perspective.

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International Pensions

When do you intend to retire? Where are you going to retire to? What form and amount of income do you want to have in retirement?

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International Real Estate

If you are in the right place at the right time, investing in real estate can be one of the most profitable and enjoyable forms of medium to long term investment there is.

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Multinational Structuring

The report studies how two types of international business – publicly held and privately owned – can use onshore low-tax regimes in parallel with offshore jurisdictions to make up highly tax-efficient corporate structures.

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Offshore And Its Future

This section examines the outlook ahead for the major offshore jurisdictions and international financial centres. From changes to laws and regulations to pressures encoutered from the EU, the OECD and the G7 countries.

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Offshore Banking Jurisdictions

Historically, the attractions of offshore have been secrecy, low taxes and asset protection. This section will look into a variety of legislative developments and changes affecting a number of offshore regulatory regimes.

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