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About Lowtax

The Lowtax Network was first established in 1999.

Other network websites include:

Lowtax: 1,500 pages of detailed, factual information covering the tax and legal regimes in over 70 jurisdictions.

Tax News: a daily worldwide tax news service with a 25,000 story searchable archive.

Expat Briefing: a free online publication serving international expatriates.

Offshore E-Commerce: news and background on offshore e-commerce.

Law and Tax News: news and reference material on law and tax for international businesses, covering 20 key world-wide countries, with another 30 soon to come.

Offshore Trusts Guide OTG publishes news, features and newsletters on the use of offshore trust structures.

TreatyPro The online tax treaty resource.

Global Incorporation Guide [GIG] A BSI / Lowtax Network international business smart tool.


Wolters Kluwer

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