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Slovakia: Types Of Company

Limited Liability Company

This is the most common type of new business in Slovakia, whether run by foreign or local investors. The suffix for a Limited Liability Company is S.R.O. One person is all that is required to incorporate a new Limited Liability Company and shareholders may be individuals or a limited company. The total number of shareholders cannot exceed 50. The minimum capital investment is EUR5,000 and shareholders must each invest a minimum of EUR750. Any individual resident in an EU or OECD country may become a director or shareholder. At least 30% of each individual contribution must be paid up prior to registration with the Commercial Register.

Limited Liability Companies in Slovakia must have a registered office address and all formal company documents must be kept at the registered office. A company representative, who must be a Slovak resident (not necessarily a Slovakian), must be appointed. A General Meeting acts as the governing body of the company and ultimately can decide on all matters of legal consequence. Normally a simple majority of shareholders’ votes is enough to carry a decision of the General Meeting.

Certain documents and information are required to incorporate a Limited Liability Company in Slovakia, namely:

  • The full name of each shareholder;
  • The company name;
  • The full name, date of birth and nationality of the person setting up the new company;
  • The principal objectives of the new company and the type of business;
  • Details of the paid-up capital and shareholding of each member.



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