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Saint Kitts: Types of Company

Public Company

A public company is one that has more than 50 members, and is permitted to make public offerings of its shares. It needs three directors, of whom a least two are not employed by the company or related companies. Assistant secretaries can be individuals or corporations.

Members' meetings can be conducted by electronic means, as long as members can hear each other's voices. Public companies must hold an annual general meeting while members of private companies can agree to dispense with this. The first general meeting must take place within 18 months after incorporation. Shareholders holding one-tenth of shares and members of a company limited by guarantee who hold one-tenth of voting rights can demand that directors call a general meeting. If directors do not comply, those who requisitioned a meeting (or requisitionists of the group holding one-half of voting rights) can call a meeting themselves. A quorum consists of a least two members present in person or by proxy (1) holding at least one-third of value of issued shares with voting rights; or (2) one-third of voting rights of a company limited by guarantee. Special resolutions require a two-thirds vote.



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