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Malta: Law of Offshore

Malta Table of Statutes

This is a non-exhaustive list of the main statutes affecting offshore and non-resident business. The statutes are listed in alphabetical order – click on the statute for a fuller description of the statute, the legal regime it forms part of, or in some cases the text of the law.

Business Promotion Act 2003
Collective Investment Funds Law 1988 
Companies Act 1995
Exchange Control Act 1972
Financial Services Centre Act 1988
Freeports Act
Immigration Act 1970
Income Tax Act
Industrial Development Act
Investment Services Act 1994
Offshore Trusts Act 1988
Prevention of Financial Markets Abuse Act, 2005
Professional Secrecy Act 1994
Recognition of Trusts Act 1994
Trusts And Trustees Act 2004
Trusts Income Tax Regulations 2005
Venture Capital Fund (Tax Credit) Regulations 2006



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