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Lithuania: Types Of Company

Public Limited Liability Company

A Public Limited Liability Company (Akcine Bendrove – AB) has the same formation procedure as a Private Limited Liability Company, but the authorised capital of a public company may not be lower than LTL150,000 (approximately EUR43,445). Its shares may be distributed and traded publicly.

Documents needing to be filed with the Registrar include:

  • An application to register;
  • The Certificate of Incorporation;
  • The Incorporation Agreement (Statutes);
  • Any licences that are required for the business to be undertaken;
  • Attestation to the payment of the registration fee;
  • Evidence of the opening of a bank account;
  • Minutes of the shareholders' founding meeting;
  • Confirmation of share registration with the Securities Commission;
  • A report on the company together with an auditor’s opinion.



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