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Gibraltar: Personal Taxation

Residence and Liability for Taxation

For taxation purposes, an individual is either resident or non-resident, and nationality is not a factor in determining tax status. An individual is considered resident in Gibraltar if he has accommodation there and sets foot on the territory during the tax year (1st July to 30th June in the following year). This is the basis that was applied in the UK until 1993/94.

Gibraltar introduced 'High Net-Worth Individual Status' to encourage wealthy people to live there. A person who has not been resident in Gibraltar for the last five years may apply for this status, which limits total tax payable. Expatriate executives or people with specialist skills may be able to obtain a similar limitation on total tax payable.

The tax treatment of non-resident individuals is also described under Offshore Legal and Tax Regimes.

Residents are liable to tax on their world-wide income with certain exemptions, see below.



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