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Brunei: Labour Regulation

Work Permits

All non-Brunei Darussalam citizens require a work permit which is valid for two years. Application must first be made to the Labour Department for a labour licence. On the recommendation of the Labour Department, the Immigration Department will give permission for the workers to enter Brunei Darussalam. The Labour Department requires either cash deposit or a banker's guarantee to cover the cost of a one-way airfare to the home country of an immigrant worker.

An approved labour licence cannot be altered for at least six months after issue. Applications will not be accepted until the formation of a local company or a branch of foreign company has been officially approved and registered.

Visitors who wish to enter Brunei Darussalam to take up employment must arrange with their employers to obtain employment passes prior to their arrival. Spouses and children under 18 years of age of pass holders are required to obtain dependents' passes.



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