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Belize: Offshore Legal and Tax Regimes

Offshore Operations

The IBC act prohibits an IBC from:

  • Carrying on business with persons resident in Belize;
  • Owning an interest in real property situated in Belize, except lease property for office purposes;
  • Carrying on banking business;
  • Carrying on insurance or reinsurance business;
  • Carrying on the business of providing registered agents/offices for companies.

Otherwise, a Belize IBC may engage in any activity that is not unlawful in Belize.

A Belize International Bank can carry on the following activities within Belize:

  • establish, maintain, and operate a business office in Belize;
  • transact international banking business through its business office in Belize without restrictions;
  • transact international banking business with a local entity in Belize licenced under the Banks and Financial Institutions Act, 1995.



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