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Notice: The Lowtax Forum is no longer being maintained. Instead, we have designed a new platform called “Questions” to take the place of the forum. We encourage you to use this new platform and to make this transition smoother for our users, existing content has already been migrated. This content has been credited where applicable.

The Lowtax Forum will be phased out over the coming months and we will no longer offer technical assistance and only limited moderation. We hope that our new Questions platform will provide a better user experience. Go to Lowtax Questions now.

 Lowtax.net General The main comments section for www.lowtax.net. Linked up from various portal pages across the site. Comments relating to any aspect of offshore or taxation in general are welcomed. 420
 Offshore Trusts Guide Offshore Trusts Guide Comments 3
 Andorra Andorra Comments 10
 Anguilla Anguilla Comments 5
 Aruba Aruba Comments 1
 Asia/Pacific Asia/Pacific Comments 1
 Australia Australia Comments 10
 Austria Austria Comments 2
 Bahamas Bahamas Comments 23
 Barbados Barbados Comments 4
 Belgium Belgium Comments 0
 Belize Belize Comments 5
 Bermuda Bermuda Comments 2
 Botswana Botswana Comments 2
 British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands Comments 9
 Brunei Brunei Comments 2
 Bulgaria Bulgaria Comments 4
 Canada Canada Comments 21
 Cayman Islands Cayman Islands Comments 11
 China China Comments 1
 Cook Islands Cook Islands Comments 2
 Costa Rica Costa Rica Comments 6
 Curaçao Curaçao Comments 5
 Cyprus Cyprus Comments 20
 Czech Republic Czech Republic Comments 1
 Denmark Denmark Comments 0
 Dubai Dubai Comments 13
 Estonia Estonia Comments 1
 France France Comments 3
 Germany Germany Comments 4
 Gibraltar Gibraltar Comments 4
 Greece Greece Comments 0
 Grenada Grenada Comments 0
 Guernsey Guernsey Comments 3
 Hong Kong Hong Kong Comments 31
 Hungary Hungary Comments 1
 India India Comments 1
 Ireland Ireland Comments 0
 Isle of Man Isle of Man Comments 4
 Jersey Jersey Comments 7
 Labuan Labuan Comments 4
 Latvia Latvia Comments 0
 Liberia Liberia Comments 1
 Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Comments 4
 Lithuania Lithuania Comments 2
 Luxembourg Luxembourg Comments 9
 Madeira Madeira Comments 5
 Malaysia Malaysia Comments 0
 Malta Malta Comments 18
 Marshall Islands Marshall Islands Comments 4
 Mauritius Mauritius Comments 8
 Monaco Monaco Comments 2
 Netherlands Netherlands Comments 2
 Nevis Nevis Comments 5
 New Zealand New Zealand Comments 0
 Panama Panama Comments 4
 Poland Poland Comments 3
 Portugal Portugal Comments 3
 Qatar Qatar Comments 1
 Ras Al Khaimah Ras Al Khaimah Comments 2
 Romania Romania Comments 5
 Russia Russia Comments 1
 Seychelles Seychelles Comments 2
 Singapore Singapore Comments 11
 Slovakia Slovakia Comments 4
 Slovenia Slovenia Comments 1
 South Africa South Africa Comments 20
 Spain Spain Comments 7
 St Kitts St Kitts Comments 0
 St Vincent & the Grenadines St Vincent & the Grenadines Comments 4
 Switzerland Switzerland Comments 12
 Turks & Caicos Islands Turks & Caicos Islands Comments 1
 UK UK Comments 14
 US Tax Network US Tax Network Forum 12
 Vanuatu Vanuatu Comments 0


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