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Best place to incorporate a small web-based startup

Posted on: 09/12/2010
Posted at: 15:21:54
I want to incorporate an online business company that will generate revenues only by charging fees, like any online marketplace, it will just put in contact the seller and buyer and charge a fee for it. We intend to conduct business everywhere in the world where there is a possibility, but for now, our server will be located in Spain. I would like to know what would be the best option in terms of structure and country to incorporate this kind of business? Also I would like to know if for example, if an US buyer gets in contact through our website with a seller from any country, if in this case this would qualify as revenue generated in the US, even though our server is not in the US and we are actually not selling anything. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Posted on: 09/12/2010
Posted at: 23:20:25
You should get in touch with Andre at ASK CS in the UK. They managed to sort me out it was dear but they were very thurough and took the time to understand my situation rather than just try to sell me an off the shelf package cannot remember Andres email but the general one is info@askcs.co.uk best of luck K

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Posted on: 10/12/2010
Posted at: 09:10:11
Dear Sir Should you wish to consider Malta for its favourable fiscal regime, kindly contact us on maltacompany@gmail.com Best regards Chris

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Posted on: 21/12/2010
Posted at: 10:07:22
Using a Maltese Company would put you on a tax efficient base. However, I am not clear what you are actually doing exactly. I can not see any US involvment on th efiscal site, if you are running a European matchmaking business, unless perhaps buyer and seller are US located? But even in this case I seriously doubt that your actual service would be taxable under US fiscal rules. I would be interested to lear a bit more about this and I could come back to you with a proposal. info(at)eu-hub.com www.eu-hub.com Eu-Hub Malta Limited A. Hilton

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Vertinum Ltd

Posted on: 11/01/2011
Posted at: 06:11:50
Please consider Bulgaria. Easy, straight forward and fair priced company formation and the EU's most lowest taxes: 10% corporate tax and 10% personal income tax. Our company has helped many IT-related companies to get started here. There are many possibilities. Please tell me a bit more about your exact situation and I'm happy to give you an advice for your situation. info@vertinum.com www.vertinum.com

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Posted on: 18/01/2011
Posted at: 08:01:55
Hi You need to consider 4 issues - of which the jurisdiction (or country) is the least important. The following is a general discussion and is not meant to be advice: The first issue is the status of the owners of the business and any beneficiaries such as corporate shareholders. Tax saved ultimately needs to be repatriated to owners, and a structure that just holds funds offshore is actually of little use. So you need to understand how you repatriate cash as well as how you optimise your structure. The second issue is what substance you can put in your offshore location. To do this you need to understand your operations, lay out where activities occur and what value is added. This step - re-engineering your operations to be capable of being legitimately optimised is a fundamental driver of increased value. You typically do not need an advisor to do this, but there are cases that you can follow. See www.etreasurer.com for some examples that may be relevant. The third is where you establish nexus (ie where the transaction actually occurs). This is complex, their are prescriptive rules around this, and it is worth taking some advice from a qualified professional around this. The server issue you raise is important for some products but not others. The fourth - which you don't need to worry about until you have developed a plan along the lines of the first 3 issues - is where you decide to locate your new structure. In some ways this is the least important part of the process. There are approximately 30+ jurisdictions you would want to look at, of which around 6 or 7 are front runners. Hope this helps. regards www.etreasurer.com

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