There are lots of inquiries / inquiry’s from people to us, looking to have a readymade farm house / small vacation home with some fruit trees, vegetable garden, which is secured, safe and can be an asset in the future in case the city grows in that direction and fetch good return for their investment, where they can immediately start visiting from the very next weekend they buy it.

But there are no lands matching these exact requirements, I am looking for someone who can buy bits of say 10 to 20 acres of land, develop it on the above requirements, and then I can sell it to those prospective buyers at a very good premium (Profits can be shared on an agreed basis)

If you or some of your like minded friends are interested, let me know. Your investment will be safe with you (You will be owning the lands you buy till you sell them to others)

We call this developed farm houses for sale, which have huge market from educated and salaried people, and also people looking for short term investment.

Hope to read from you on this soon.