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Created on: 24/02/2013
Last post: 17/04/2013

Replies: 3
I'm from Slovakia and there is taxation 21% now, but i think this is not bad, but not good too. There is other better countries such as Andorra and Monaco. I don't want pay it there anything...

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Inbound travel agency

Created on: 08/04/2013
Last post: 15/04/2013

Replies: 1
Dear all,

I am owner of inbound travel agency in Slovakia. I would like ask you, if it is for me convenient move my company to off shore country. Because 99% of bussines I do in Slovakia.


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Renting out a property in Slovakia

Created on: 13/08/2011
Last post: 30/08/2011

Replies: 0
Dear All I live in and pay my income tax in the UK. I have a property in Slovakia which I would like to rent out. I read some Slovakian tax legislation and according to it I do not qualify as a Slovakian resident because I do not spend more than 183 days per year in Slovakia. I would like to enquire what would be the best way of paying taxes, should the property bring a profit, without the need to register as a self-employed person in Slovakia. Should I perhaps pay the prospective income tax only to the HMRC. I would appreciate your advise and opinion. Thank you Simon

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software company, but where?

Created on: 03/08/2010
Last post: 27/07/2011

Replies: 12
Hi evbody, in few mounths I have to base my activity of software saling somewhere. My activity will be e-commerce and my market will be mainly german and english language area. My collaborator lives in Swiss and he has another employ there but he is not citizens of that country. Could I use his Swiss residence to base the company in his flat? Anyway how I could do that in other countryes like Hong Kong? I have friends working there and I went there. Which is best place?

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