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Volontury Disclosure Tax

Created on: 30/11/2013
Last post: 02/12/2013

Replies: 0
I would like to know details about Volontury Disclosure Tax in Romania

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Countries where interest earned on savings is not taxed?

Created on: 30/01/2010
Last post: 09/08/2012

Replies: 4
Can anybody provide a list where income from savings interest is not taxed. (ie. Bahamas, Hong Kong, etc)

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The best solution for a Romania based company to work in the EU countries?

Created on: 29/01/2012
Last post: 03/05/2012

Replies: 3
What is the best solution for a Romania based company to work in the EU countries? I work as programmer fro my company in different EU countries and recently I take one contract for 1 year in Slovakia. I have to register and pay taxes in Slovakia if I will stay there more than 183 days or is not mandatory? Basically I will work in Slovakia for my company, but on behalf of my client: German company. So all of my invoices are to the German company not to a Slovak one, and all of the income will be from Germany. Thank you for advice.

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Konstantinos the Greek

Created on: 30/09/2011
Last post: 05/10/2011

Replies: 2
What is the best solution to choose Romania or Greece as establishment for company with business in both countries. Greece has an increased taxation against Romanian which is in general 16% so Romania is preferred. The problem now arises as what taxation will be paid for business activities that took place in Greece.

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What is the best solution for a Romania based company?

Created on: 06/03/2010
Last post: 07/07/2010

Replies: 5
What is the best solution for a Romania based company with 2 associates: 1 romanian and 1 french. The activity of the company is worldwide and we are looking for an optim financial solution to simplify the tax system of our company. The activity of the company is management and consulting services.

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