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Dollars or Colones (Taxes)?
Rey Restrepo

Created on: 21/06/2013
Last post: 21/06/2013

Replies: 0
I am a naturalized US Citizen, born in Costa Rica to Costa Rican parents..In July of this year, I will move to Costa Rica to work for a US company based in Florida.

My move there is in essence permanent, as the length of time for my employment is indefinite. In all likelihood, I would likely remain in Costa Rica and ultimately retire there. I am in my early 50's and will work for another 10 years.

Based on the information I have gathered, my birth right, makes me eligible for immediate Costa Rican citizenship and qualifies me for all of the benefits that come with such status. As you are aware, Costa Rica, as well as the US, allow for dual citizenship between the two countries.

My salary will be in the $150K range per year, plus bonuses, 401K, car allowance, health benefits, etc.

My questions are as follows.

What is the best method for me to get payed, relative to taxation?

1. Should I get paid as a US Citizen (first $78K tax free)?
2. Should I get payed as an Costa Rican? (I believe that the location in Costa Rica is 3. registered as a local company)
3. Should I get paid in Dollars or Colones?

I know that I have crossed the line by asking so many questions, and for that I apologize.

When I read your article, I was impressed by your knowledge and felt that you could advise me or at least point me in the right direction.

Whatever advice you give me, I will take take as reference only.


Rey Restrepo
Atlanta, GA

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Dale Johnson

Created on: 16/03/2013
Last post: 18/03/2013

Replies: 0
I am interested in getting my small amount of savings and stocks out of the United States. I am also interested in building my stocks in order to improve the cash flow and finances of myself and possibly allow for my children to have something when I pass on. What are athe rules for these activities and I am also looking at having a second citizenship away from the US.

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Offshore Company with Gaming License

Created on: 02/04/2012
Last post: 02/04/2012

Replies: 0
It's possible to open an offshore company with gambling license in Costa Rica

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Provider of dataCenter in Costa Rica
Rodrigo Luna

Created on: 28/01/2010
Last post: 19/03/2012

Replies: 4
I need know, about the datacenter, hosting services in Costa Rica Some One Can help me? Thanks in advance

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selling property in costa rica

Created on: 07/01/2011
Last post: 14/09/2011

Replies: 2
if i sell five hundred thousand dollars worth of property in Costa Rica do i have to pay any taxes to the Costa Rica government.

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Investing in Real Estate from America
Edward Waldron

Created on: 15/05/2010
Last post: 23/09/2010

Replies: 1
What are the laws and regulations on investing in the Costa Rica stock exchange while living in the United States? In particular, how could I go about investing in the real estate market from here in the United States

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